James A. Loving's Blue Rose series
Blue Rose - Prosperity
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Blue Rose - HEALING (With BWE)

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The Blue Rose sessions have a Brain Wave Entrainment track added in the background which ramps down to alpha. Brain wave entrainment is a series of pulses or tones that your brain waves lock onto. The pulses or tones start out in the beta frequency then slows down (ramps down) to a pre-determined frequency. In this case, the alpha range
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Blue Rose - Shapeshifting
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Esdail State of DEEP mental & Physical relaxation
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Help your body to promote self-healing with this hypnosis and meditation product. 

This is one of the most, if not THE most powerful hypnosis sessions available. It is a blend of HYPNOSIS, THERAPEUTIC MEDITATION AND NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING. This CD is a Spirit/Mind/Body approach to healing and/or health maintenance. James A. Loving guides you into a deep trance with his unique method; then reframes and reprograms your God-given healer,your Mind, to bring you to a state of health. If you know about the Law of Attraction, then you have an idea how much this CD can help you.

This meditation product takes you to alternative states of consciousness that'll allow you to let go of the chains that are holding you down so that you can realize your dreams. A word of caution about Let Go & Fly, it has been reported that the first few times this session is experienced, the results are predictably great; negative stress is released and a  feeling of "well-being" lasts for days. However, after a while, changes begin to occur, and they do so rapidly and automatically. It's recommended that you be ready to act on the changes as they occur. This 30-minute meditation session is available only from our Website
Improve your memory on a subconscious level as well as build a protective shield for your memory with our amazing meditation and hypnosis products. This 30-minute session gives you direct suggestions that'll allow you to recall your memories better. Remember to visit our Website today to order this amazing hypnosis and meditation product.

Your body already wants to be healthy, but there are lots of negative influences that interfere with the natural healing process. This 30-minute session, available from our Website, gives you the knowledge you need to heal unhindered.
This hypnosis MP3 download and CD is perfect for people looking to make specific changes in their lives. This actual hypnosis session helps you re-program your subconscious in just 30 minutes. Visit our Website to place your order today.

I use this session with my coaching clients.  Listen to it every day for 10 days straight or 15 times within a 21 day period and you'll then be able to reach very, very deep states of mental & Physical relaxation instantly by simply closing your eyes and uttering the key words: "Blue Rose" and "Deeper".
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